Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or without access to Netflix (which is basically the same thing), chances are you’ve already caught comedian Vir Das’ latest stand-up special, Losing It.

In case you still haven’t, then this is why you need to get on board the train, and not lose out on something that’s guaranteed to leave you laughing out loud.

Vir takes you across his life journey in this surprisingly insightful, funny, and at times, humorously self-reflective stand-up. It only helps that the special is intelligent and hilarious in equal terms.

The best part though is how, he not only manages to combine the whole thing together in the end, but the fact that his innately effortless (or so it appears) delivery turns the most serious of topics into a light-hearted, and dare I say, more effective discussion. 

Abroad Understanding was Vir’s first Netflix special and Losing It is the perfect act to follow with. And trust us when we say, from religion to chasing your dreams, from feminism to mistaken career choices (read: Mastizaade), Vir’s touched on every topic under the sun and managed to nail them all. 

His funny take on life, religious characters, and a possible Marvel character (yes, please) also left the Twitterati visibly impressed: 

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