Growing up can be a huge reality check, especially when all the things you didn’t understand as a young kid begin making sense suddenly, and you’re like, WTF! (Psst. was childhood a lie?) 

Such is the case with Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Om Shanti Om. Remember that tiger fight sequence when Sharukh was pretending to be a massive superstar from the South?  

The scene was not exactly pure and innocent humor that cracked us up back then (well, if you really begin paying attention to what SRK is saying). A Twitter user shared the sequence that will make your eyes and ears bleed now. 

Has your life also changed forever? Here’s how Twitteratis reacted to it.

Life has changed. :’)

Wah! Kya acting kar raha hai.

EMOSHONS at the moment.

That’s the spirit! Misery for all.

Sab jhooth tha!

Ok goodbye now! I need to be alone for a while.