Ever since the Virushka wedding, people haven’t really left the celebrity couple alone, atleast not on social media.

However, now, fans have noticed a sort of pattern in Virat & Anushka’s social media posts. 

While it was initially quite adorable that they were putting up exactly the same posts, turns out that Virushka are on some sort of spree. 

And naturally, folks on Twitter have figured out this pattern and are pointing it out full-fledgedly:

After all, they went ahead and did it again, with their new year wishes.

The best part is not just the content, even the timing is pretty much the same.

So, now, when Virat has posted a picture of the couple in Cape Town, Twitter is waiting with bated breath for Anushka to post the same.

Well, we’ll have to see if Anushka indeed posts it. 

However, one thing is for sure, Virushka sure knows how to keep the internet buzzing about them.