As we all know, team India had a glorious win against Pakistan recently, at the T20 World Cup match held at MCG, Australia. And cricketer Virat Kohli was the biggie who pushed through to bring the huge win to us. Along with this though, desis everywhere are sentimental over Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma’s lovely interaction over Instagram.

Virat Kohli cricket match

Anushka posted a heartwarming and incredibly supportive note on her IG page post team India’s win. Her kind, and loving words for Virat Kohli left the internet in awe of both the cricketer’s talent as well as the couple’s cute relationship.

But what happened next only amplified all the love we desis have for Mr. Virat Kohli. He replied to Anushka’s comment almost immediately after winning the match. And it’s such an adorable comment that it’ll definitely restore your faith in true love. I mean, whoever told you that they were too busy to reply to your text, should see this. Because clearly, Virat Kohli has proved that love and commitment are a priority and it REALLY does take 3 seconds to reply to a text that matters!

And of course, people took notice of the cuteness and talked about it online.

Apparently, even Reddit didn’t miss Virat’s reply!

Everybody, this is a sign not to settle for anything less because if these two can put such effort into their relationship, so can everyone else!