Watching Virat Kohli play on the field is a treat and an honour. The man is an embodiment of resilience, commitment, and sportsmanship. He’s an icon and a true inspiration in many regards. But apart from all the traits we love, one thing we get absolutely enthralled by is just seeing him at his best, being a true entertainer.

Kohli scored his 49th ODI century, equalling his record with Sachin Tendulkar, on his birthday on Sunday in the World Cup match against South Africa. Along with his record-equalling inning, a major highlight of the match was just the pleasure of watching him groove.


Kohli is actually a vibe on the field, we are talking with proof:

1. Just look at him vibing to ‘ainvayi, ainvayi‘ while India’s bowling attack was making the World Cup match against South Africa one-sided

2. Not just this, he also recreated SRK’s iconic pose on ‘Chaleya‘ during the match on Sunday

3. Kohli and ‘My Name Is Lakhan‘ have a connection, and we’re all here for it

4. Just months earlier, Kohli danced on ‘Lungi Dance‘ during the Asia Cup

5. Another time, he was seen grooving to ‘Naatu-Naatu‘ in an ODI match against Australia

6. Back when Pathaan fever was high, Kohli and Jadeja vibed to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan‘ during the first AUS Test

At this point, Kohli looks like a true SRK fan.

7. Now, this isn’t Kohli dancing, but Kohli auditioning for the next Hera Pheri

8. It was IPL 2020, and Kohli was warming up before playing KXIP match but ended up shaking a leg

Virat Kohli is a vibe. Hence, proved.