It was a day filled with excitement for the homeless kids at various shelters in Kolkata as Indian skipper Virat Kohli paid them a surprise visit dressed as Santa Claus. 

Kohli, in a video released by Star Sports, can be seen interacting with the elated kids in his Santa get-up. 

Known for his perfectionist approach while playing for the country, Kohli's version of Santa was inch-perfect as nobody recognized him before he eventually decided to give away his real identity. 

All plump in a red suit and a protruding belly, Kohli was unrecognizable when he first met the kids as he distributed gifts. 

Screenshots from the video
Source: Daily Hunt

After handing out the Christmas presents, Virat asked whether the children would like to meet Kohli since Spiderman and Superman are on a vacation. 

The children screamed "yes" in sync desperately wanting to meet the Indian captain. 

Virat Kohli
Source: Financial Express

Kohli's day out with the kids drew praises from his set of fans on social media. 

Kohli, who is currently leading the team against the West Indies in a three-match ODI series, was praised for taking out time to visit the kids and spread some happiness ahead of Christmas and New Year.