Good thrillers in Bollywood are few and far in between. But Gupt is, undoubtedly, one of the finest. And apparently, it’s also the inspiration behind India’s 2020 foreign policy. 

Filmy Curry

The one thing I have in excess of these days is time, and thus, I recently rewatched Gupt. And that’s how I unlocked the secret behind speeches in India 2020. 

Right at the start of the film, Governor Jai Singh Sinha holds a meeting with top industrialists, to discuss India’s foreign policy. 


Much like the speeches we hear these days, Sinha ji takes hours of speaking shudh Hindi to come to the point: 

His comments are met by opposing viewpoints because, in a fictional setting, different opinions are allowed to exist. 

However, ultimately, Governor Sinha drops the ‘a-bomb’ in the speech. Yes, yes, he uses the word aatmanirbhar.

What follows is more shouting and an insightful comment on the working of parliament. 

And later in the movie, Governor Sinha reminds us why it’s important to invest in healthcare. But looks like the people getting inspired by the film, never reached that part. *Sigh*

Anyway, it is clear now that Gupt: The Hidden Truth basically holds examples for aatmnirbhar kaise bane. After all, Sahil Sinha ‘dug his way’ out of trouble, literally.