Even though Bollywood has spawned many lousy love stories, we must praise the movies for suitably romanticising some themes. While growing up, we collected some of the moments from these romances that we would like to re-enact in real life. For the simple reason that they are so beautiful.

While we are unable to highlight each and every one of these heartwarming moments, let’s talk about something Bollywood does frequently. 

And that gives us some incredible terrace sequences that are pretty memorable for the audience and extremely significant for the protagonists in those films.

1. A young romance blossoms between Hunny and Priya as they communicate by dropping kites off the rooftop in the film Fukrey. Despite not being in a private setting, they still manage to keep their dialogue personal.

2. In this absolutely breathtaking moment from Masaan, Shalu and Deepak converse about poetry, which qualifies as sharing one’s playlist. As sweet and cozy as it gets.

3. In this scene from Luck By Chance, Vikram and Sona go from talking about their goals and passions for life in the moonlight to dozing off in each other’s arms until dawn. There’s no way it could be any better, right?

4. Surya and Supri, two kids who are very different from other children their age, find companionship in one another.  And this particular terrace scene from Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota exemplifies the innocence of their love.

5. In Manmarziyaan, this drinking session on the roof serves as an ice-breaker in their relationship because Rumi and Robbie’s arranged marriage forces them into a situation where they can hardly interact.

6. When it comes to romantic scenes, Bhansali’s movies rarely fall short, but this stargazing sequence from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam has to be one of the most beloved and beautiful ones.

7. Another iconic scene from the 90s movies is Raj and Simran, who are secretly dating, slipping off to the terrace to spend some time alone.

8. In the movie Life in a Metro, Monty and Shruti are diametrically opposed to one another. And in this moment, the former encourages her in curbing her rage and gaining control over it. Even if it’s not a romantic scenario, it’s still pretty real.

9. Ratna’s connection with Ashwin is further explored in this particular scene from the movie Sir, when she is mostly the one stating her mind. Without saying much, it shows the bond that is building between them.

10. This scene in the movie English Vinglish puts two strangers—who don’t even speak the same language—into an intimate setting. Although it appeared to mark a turning point in Shashi and Laurent’s budding friendship, what really made the scene charming was Laurent’s joy in introducing her to a magnificent sight.

11. And who could forget this brief scene from Vicky Donor that made us long for a partner who would one day croon such melodies to us?

12. In Wake Up Sid, Sid and Aisha talk their hearts out at midnight under a sky filled with stars. There is nothing greater.

13. This specific scene serves as an obvious instance that you don’t always need the same language to understand each other’s emotions. Even without saying much, Oleksander and Rani have the most profound conversations, which is just amazing.

14. Roshan and Bittu, who frequently run into each other on their terraces throughout the film Delhi 6, return to the same place when they realise they must go their own ways.

Bollywood, you’ve just made us long for moments that are so almost unreal.