Every person is unique, yet there is one area where they are all alike: love. Amazon Prime Video‘s latest anthology Modern Love Mumbai recognises different shades of human beings and ties them together with a string of love.

It served us with scenes that both made us smile and had us brood over when we closed our eyes at night. We know the moments like these will loom large in our memories and live rent-free in our hearts.

1. Laalzari finally recognises her worth and refuses to allow a man into her life as per his convenience.

2. Laalzari, tired of being shackled her entire life, finally breaks free and learns to embrace life to the fullest.

3. Manzul’s mother realises that denying her child a chance to love was the same as breeding hatred.

4. Citing food as a metaphor, Manzul’s baai explains to him the most essential ingredient in life.

5. Manzul’s baai reveals why offering money to the rioters was the best way to protect her family.

6. Ming understands that he can’t hurt his mother even though he didn’t like being overprotected by her.

7. Ming’s girlfriend injects hope back into him when he had nearly given up on his career.

8. Pappi Singh convinces Sui that she is loaded with enough love to give her son’s choice a chance.

9. Dilbar reassures her heartbroken granddaughter that loving oneself is the only way to be happy.

10. Kunal gives Dilbar a reminder of how she must let go of her past and live life as it comes. 

11. Saiba confesses how she genuinely feels while being around Parth. 

12. When Ashna reminds Saiba how life is worth another chance and it’s better when done with love.

13. Parth confesses his feelings for Saiba exactly how we would expect from him. 

14. When Manzul shared with Rajveer how music accepted him the way he is when nobody else did. 

Honestly, having watched this show has made my life slightly better.