Pregnant women deserve extra care, love, and attention because they are nurturing a new life in their bodies. But, unless the doctor prescribes it or the woman requires it, there is no need to bar them from going about their lives as normally as they desire. 

And Anushka Sharma’s latest post is a beautiful reminder of how women are capable of pursuing their hobbies even when pregnant, provided they receive adequate support. 

In a post shared on Instagram, Anushka talked about how yoga has always been a big part of her life, and she did not want to give up on that during her pregnancy.

Consequently, on her doctor’s recommendation, and with her husband’s support, Anushka incorporated various aasanas in her pregnancy routine too, including a handstand conducted under her yoga teacher’s supervision. 

People took to Instagram to wish the couple: 

Guess it’s time to add any pose other than the shavasana in my yoga routine!