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Following your dreams and finding your true passion gives you a certain sense of satisfaction that nothing else in this world can. But is turning dreams into reality that simple? Well, most people are scared or unsure about how to reach their end goal. Just giving your passion an identity doesn’t always work out in the way you expect it to. Chasing your dreams in order to make them come true requires a lot of dedication, patience and most importantly – rigorous diligence! 

Fulfilling your dreams is no mean feat and if you aren’t methodical in your approach, it only gets tougher to pursue. Planning is merely the first step towards your goal and if you can successfully chalk out a strategy, you know there is no turning back. And of course, financing your dreams is the other most crucial step. How else would you build your resources? So, it’s always important to sort your finances and then chase your dreams – that’s exactly what Jonita and Arjun tell us. 

Becoming financially stable is a huge step in being successful, and Arjun Kanungo seems to agree with that in this video. As Arjun says, passion is not everything because the most important thing in life is PLANNING. And boy, we couldn’t agree more with him! Watch him tell his own story about how he planned to go after his dreams:

Jonita Gandhi too narrates her success story in this video, to show us how organised planning helped her turn dreams into reality sooner than she’d expected. She tells us how it was challenging for her to settle in a new city, but she didn’t let the obstacles distract her. With a little bit of planning and discipline, Jonita’s career took off to a great start and look where she is today! Watch Jonita’s journey towards becoming a successful playback singer.

Undoubtedly, beginning to chase your dreams might sound difficult, but with a good financial plan, it is a cakewalk. So, plan, strategise and make smart choices with HDFC Life, your one-stop destination for all financial solutions!