The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki just dropped a clip from the much-awaited show, and it’s got everything from Owen Wilson’s signature vocal twang to Loki laughing sarcastically. In the minute-long clip, we see that Owen’s character is called Agent Mobius.

He’s part of the TVA, or Time Variance Authority, who were created by the Time-Keepers to protect the Sacred Timeline. Yeah, it’s a lot to process.

While going off on a little rant about ho the existence of the TVA is absurd, Loki also mentions that they work at the behest of ‘three space lizards’. We’re not sure what the heck he’s talking about but it’s exciting!

Watch the entire clip below, it’s hilarious!

The first episode of Loki will air on the 9th of June this year on Disney+Hotstar.