The Black Widow has been delayed for an annoyingly long time, and in true Marvel fashion, they’ve been releasing trailer after trailer for the movie in efforts to keep the hype up – and it works every time. Now, they’ve dropped the final trailer for the film which releases on July 9.

We find out about The Red Room, a facility that brainwashes women, turns them into assassins, and uses them as mindless killing machines.

It’s implied that Natasha’s sister was subjected to this form of human experimentation as well. 

We see the villain Taskmaster giving everyone a hard time. For those not in the know, he has the power to mimic any superhero’s fighting style

And we even see Natasha, Red Guardian, and the rest of the fam sitting around a table downing shots like a quintessential Russian family.

Watch the explosive trailer below! 

All images are from the trailer.