India’s healthcare crisis with the second wave of Covid has become a global cause of worry. In his latest episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the comedian and television host, shed light on what was going on India – and it did come with a pinch of salt. 

From talking about the shortage of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds and testing kits, to calling out India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for holding mass gatherings – Trevor bared it all. 

He spoke about how the Indian government got tweets deleted form Twitter, how oxygen is now selling in the black market for way more than it should be and how the US is begrudgingly stepping in to help. 

You know things are getting bad when the leader’s response to the criticism of his failures is to try and shut down the criticism, not the failures. 

Watch the full episode here:

Stay home and stay safe. 

All images are screenshots from the video.