Junior MasterChef Australia has offically kicked off. 

And, in just the first episode 13-year-old Dev, born and raised in Australia, already managed to impress the judges with the cuisines he prepared and the top-notch presentation. 

He delivered a platter of Lamb Mughlai Curry, with saffron rice, raita, chutney and smoked chicken kebab, and the judges were delighted. 

Not just that, the judges thoroughly enjoyed the platter and it felt like authentic home-cooked food to them. Which is a huge compliment cuz, who doesn’t like home-cooked food?

When asked about why he chose to cook these dishes, he said he prepared these cuisines as they represented his heritage that he’s proud of. He also said that he learnt cooking from his mom. 

Even the internet couldn’t stop drooling over the delicious desi platter. They cheered for Dev and his buddy chef, Laura. 


In this episode, contestants were asked to cook their signature dish and they were given full freedom by the judges to cook anything they liked. 

Naturally, buddying chefs, Dev and Laura were declared winners of the round in the first episode.