Let’s be honest, when it comes to adding a little spice to life, and a lot of spice to cooking, then nothing and no one can beat our desi selves – and MasterChef Australia just proved that!


In its latest season, MasterChef Australia judges sampled contestant Depinder Chhibber’s wholly desi meal that comprised of chickpea curry, cauliflower parantha, and her grandmother’s pickle recipe aka chole, gobhi ka parantha, and achaar made with pyaar

Depinder presented her take on the traditional Indian tiffin and accompanied the meal with kadhai paneer, stir-fried rice, and fried okra chips. 

The end result – a meal that not only impressed the judges but also had people celebrating home-cooked meals and her brilliant dish in the comments section. 

Be right back, this calls for mummy ke haath ka khana.