So I know I’m a little late to the party. The one where Sumukhi Suresh is playing the role of a stalker who’s trying to seek vengeance from her ex-love interest, in the second season of the dark twisted drama Pushpavalli. But can we please take a minute to appreciate Pankaj a.k.a Naveen Richard’s character in the show? 


With his adorable printed shirts that shuffle from doodles of pugs to pigs, Pankaj is a frustrated soul on the outside, who runs a children’s library and has a perpetual resting bitch face. But he’s actually a softy on the inside who’s always got his good friend’s back.

You know how we wish to have that one true friend who’s always there to call us out on our stupidity without sugarcoating it or thinking twice? That one straightforward person who always gives you the best advice? 


Yeah, Pankaj is just like that. He has no fucks to give about how the truth will make you feel if it’s for the greater good. But that really doesn’t mean that he loves his friend Pushpavalli any less.

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With sarcasm brewing in his blood, he’s like that friend who loves roasting and insulting people. He’s the kind of person who’ll make you feel so bad about even thinking about calling or texting your ex, that you’ll immediately drop the idea.

With his funny analogies and almost sorted life, Pankaj is a no drama, lama who never really shares his own problems with anyone. And if you manage to penetrate the high wall he’s built around himself, he’ll just snap at you. 

Now that I come to think about it, Pankaj is like that friend who is irritated with you for running around in circles and has had enough of your self-loathing shit. 

He’s that practical pushy friend who sees you for what you can become and move on. And there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to help you be happy. Even if it means lying about being your lover to get you out of trouble. 


You know with Pankaj, the deal is his way of expressing love isn’t in the conventional at all. 

With his tough love, Pankaj is the kind of person who would prioritise his dear friend even when his girlfriend tells him to choose between the two. Though it might not look like it, he’d jump in front of a fire to save you, literally. 

If you have a friend who’s as awesome as Pankaj, please text them and thank them for taking such good care of you. If you don’t just watch Pushpavalli 2 on Amazon Prime Video and hope that you find a BFF like him. 

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