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I am sure there are many hands up in the air! I mean, when it comes to us millennials, nobody is really bothered about kal kya hoga’cause all we care about is NOW! And, I think this mindset makes our generation pretty awesome. Don’t you agree? 

Raise your hands if you also believe in making the most of today rather than wasting time thinking about future! 🙋 

Don’t we all hate it when someone comes up to us and asks “Toh, aagey ka kya socha hai”? I mean, seriously, our generation is really not worried about what’ll come our way tomorrow! 

Wherever we go, school, college, office, everyone is always asking ‘Aagey ka kya socha hai‘? Our society’s obsession with the future is something that we all are well aware of, aren’t we? But, I ask you: do you really wanna spoil your present thinking about your future? No, right? 

I know y’all will agree with me on this that sometimes, all we wanna do is scream #HowAboutNow at people’s faces when they ask us the same old question about our future.  

But, dear society, here’s the thing: We are the new generation and we like to focus on what happens in the present; not the past, not the future, just THE PRESENT, ’cause that’s what makes our tomorrow…

And, that’s exactly what Siddhant Chaturvedi is telling people in this new video… Watch it below:

Our very own MC Sher talking about his struggles is giving us major inspo, isn’t it? I mean, 6 years of struggle – surviving all the ups and downs in life – and finally, bagging an important role in a big-budget Bollywood movie, that too at a party. What else can be more inspirational than his story? Siddhant is a sher in real life ’cause he made every day count. So, what is your take on this? What’s your definition of ‘today’? Do you also believe in ‘now’ instead of ‘future’? You do, right? 

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Join our clan and let us all become aaj ka sher and show the world ki aaj hum kya hai!