Ok, I have to admit, after watching To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You, I couldn’t stop gushing over the roller-coastery relationship between Peter and Lara Jean. Now the movie didn’t sweep me off my feet, their steamy chemistry did steal my heart. 


To be very honest, I was obsessed with their on-screen presence and started stalking them only to find out that their friendship off-screen is as adorable and passionate as it is onscreen. 


Don’t trust me? Well, I’ve got proof. Here are a few off-screen instances where they almost deceived me into believing that there was actually something brewing between the two of them:  

1. Can we please take a minute to address the way they looked at each other during the premiere of the sequel? I wish somebody looked at me the way they look at each other in real life. 


Everything’s Changed

2. What is this candid, steamy power-posing? Somebody, please teach me how to do this.

NY Times

3. OMG this adorable picture of Noah casually chilling with his head on Lana’s lap is literally giving me butterflies.  

4. While getting up close and personal with Harper’s Baazar, Lana and Noah made goofy sketches of each other and it is literally the cutest thing ever!

Harper’s Baazar
Harpers Baazar

5. When he did the pocket swing move on Lana offscreen!

6. They’ve said the ‘L’ word, ok now I’m literally crying on the inside and hoping that they start dating in real life as well!


7. When they excitedly held each other and excitedly had their “pinch me” moment during the premiere of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Their laugh puts a smile on my face. 


7. This adorable picture of Lana and Noah cuddle like there’s no tomorrow is just so wholesome. P.S: This is totally candid, they weren’t posing for a shot or anything. 

8. They tried hopping on a roller together and Noah had Lana’s back and didn’t let her or that slice of pizza fall.

9. OMG, their PDA is literally killing me, what is this even supposed to mean? 


10. When Noah and Lana pulled off a Peter and Lara Jean, going back to where it all started, the race-tracks!

11. The way he looked at her when they won the best kiss during the MTV awards is literally how I look at Noah all day, every day. 

Teen Vogue

12. Noah casually picking up Lana is the most adorable thing I’ve seen, I wonder if they were dancing, though.

13. Lana’s tweet is literally giving us the feels, fight me. 

14. When Noah couldn’t stop gushing over Lana’s talents and her facial expressions, I cried a little: 

15. Lana was on an interview with Jimmmy Fallon when she revealed that they do hot yoga together and then order pizza, which is literally all of us! 

Is it only me or do you see it too?