It has been 7 years since we saw Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar in theatres. And despite waiting all these years, we’re yet to fully understand this film. 

Daily News

From the book shelves, the ghost, to the ‘them’ that are just ‘us’, does this movie ever get simpler? 


Not to mention that the movie moves back and forth in time and space with such ease, that we are left absolutely confused about where we actually are. Time stamps would have been nice?

Entertainment Weekly

And we never did get the answers we needed about the ‘tesseract’ – not to be confused with the one from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because those people actually believe in helping their audience out. 


All in all, yes Interstellar is a brilliant film, the visuals are gorgeous, the script is phenomenal and a lot of us are just saying that because the internet told us to. 

P.S. Feel free to explain the film to us in the comments.