Sound designer and audio mixer Resul Pookutty, who won the Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, recently talked about how he was denied work by the Hindi film industry. 


His response came on the heels of another Oscar winner, composer A.R. Rahman’s confession on how the industry denied him work due to ‘rumors’. 

Resul took to Twitter to talk about how he nearly had a breakdown because he wasn’t being given work in the Hindi film industry, and certain production houses blatantly refused to work with him. 

He added that though he had the chance to move to Hollywood, he did not take it up because it was his work in India that won him multiple awards and nominations, including the Oscar. He also clarified that he did not blame the industry or anyone from the industry, for not giving him work. 

Many people commented on his confession: 

Pookutty, who is all set to direct his first film, is the latest artist to speak up against the film industry for illogically denying work to deserving people.