The late Amrish Puri left behind a legacy in Bollywood. No one can ever replace the actor’s screen presence and the aura he emitted, even if it made us frightful of his presence. He was one of the best villains Bollywood has ever seen, so it came as quite a surprise to see this soft side of him.  

In a video that has surfaced, he can be seen singing a punjabi ghazal alongside actor Ranjeet. His soothing and heartfelt voice gives us a glimpse of a totally different Amrish Puri. 


15 years after his passing, the actor’s voice still manages to leave us with goosebumps as he sings a beautiful ghazal. He was truly a man of many talents. 


Watch the full video here:

A profound voice and a heart of gold, this Bollywood legend will always stay alive in our hearts. 

H/T – Bollywood Direct