Mr India was really a cult movie, way ahead of its time. A sci-fi movie in the 90s that delved into invisibility, was something unheard of, in Bollywood. Not only was the movie, brilliantly made, each and every character in the movie too, remain etched in our memories. Who can forget Mogambo or Calendar? Since we believe in social service, we decided to dig deep and find out where the actors were and what they were upto, and in our quest, came across Huzaan Khodaiji. 

You do remember Tina, right? 

Yes, her. That adorable child actor is all grown up now. 


And let’s just say she is as cute and pretty. 

And we got in touch with her. In an exclusive conversation with ScoopWhoop, she says,

I am so not used to this attention. As soon as I shot for the film, I left for Madras. My parents’ friend was the casting director. I went for the audition and got selected. I did a few advertisements after that. But I get really embarrassed at all the attention I get.

We ask her if she remembers anything from her Mr India days, because she was all of 6 years old. She says, 

All the crying you saw in the film was real. I was given a big sheet of paper with lots of dialogues and I would start crying. It was that easy to make me cry.

But we did see her recently with her fellow Mr India cast members in a reunion of sorts, at a film festival. 


Nostalgic, much?