Since time immemorial fairytales have always been about castles, damsels in distress, and knights in shinning armours. However, this time around when the latest reimaginning of one of our favourite classics ‘Cinderella,’ landed on Amazon Prime Video, it was definitely not what we were expecting.

This version of ‘Cinderella’ starring Camilla Cabello, is a fresh take on the story that is filled with inclusivity, positivity, and inspiration. From the twists, to the music, to the characters with more humane atributes, we loved everything

And as much as we loved it, we were hella curious to know what our fellow Gen Zs thought about this new, modern, and musical Cinderella. Here’s what they had to say: 

We’re pretty sure these candid reviews are all you need to convince yourself to add Cinderella to your watchlist, streaming excusively on Amazon Prime Video. 

Check out the trailer down below and get ready for some fairy dust to be blown your way!