If there is one thing that no one can deny, it’s that Shah Rukh Khan is the most successful ‘outsider story’ of Bollywood. Simply put, he truly is ‘King Khan’ in every sense of the word. And yet, in recent times, his movies have failed to win over even his most loyal fans. 


And now, in an interview with BBC Talking Movies’ Tom Brook, Shah Rukh Khan talked about his Bollywood journey, the failure of his recent movies, and not being considered an ‘alpha male’. 


SRK talked about how he chose to do negative roles at the start of his career, because he believed that he’d never be a ‘typical Bollywood hero’. And yet, he went on to become Bollywood’s favourite ‘romantic hero’.


However, in recent times, he has faced a slew of Box Office failures and he talked about the reason behind the same. 

He also talked about how, as much as he would love to do an ‘action-oriented’ film, he does not think the audience sees him as an ‘alpha male’. 

Shah Rukh Khan, who is famous for his witty banter, not only made Tom Brooks shake a leg but also talked about his advice for the younger generation – “Wear your success like a T-shirt not like a tuxedo”. 


Talking Movies is available on BBC World News. You can see the brief snippet of the interview here.

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