In 2014, Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen won people over because of its original, relatable, and hilarious story. 

India Today

However, the film also introduced us to the irresistible charm of Oleksander (Mish Boyko) and the undeniably adorable Taka (Jeffrey Ho).

And finally, after five years, Taka is back in another Hindi comedy, Made in China – the trailer of which released today. 


The two hardly shared screen space in the last film, but this time Rajkummar Rao and Jeffrey play business partners in the movie. 


Though he has posted regular updates about his ‘shoot life’, we still don’t know much about his character in the movie. 

We are still just as excited to see more of his vivacious vibe, wide smile and excellent comedy-timing. Because as Taka, his humorous but sensitive portrayal had completely won us over. 


That’s it. Time to watch Queen, again. 

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