A lot of us enjoyed watching Koi Mil Gaya when we were kids. But we never really questioned the logic that was given there! 

But this is exactly what the recent stand-up by Karunesh Talwar is all about. As he hilariously goes on to explain the unfair ordeal we received as children in terms of the film's scientific reasoning, the comedian gives us all something to relate hard to. And really ponder over and question. Like what was that light on Jaadu’s head! What was his mission on this planet?

It is something to really think about, isn't it? What has Bollywood given to us in terms of good sci-fi alien films? Karunesh Talwar starts his gig with a bang by talking about how little exposure we 90s kids received from the films we watched in our childhood. The world got E.T and we got flying kids where no one questioned the logic.

Also, his description of what Jaadu really seemed like to a lot of us, is so apt. that we can't help but nod in agreement and laughter! 

He also questions how the movie characters even managed to communicate with extraterrestrial life with their satellite TV dishes!

As the stand-up act comes to an end, he makes a solid point (but in the funniest way possible) about the regressive thought processes the people from our censor board have. 

You can watch the entire act here. 

We all deserve better movies, especially better Indian sci-fi.