At times, films and shows leave us with characters that we can’t really move on from. They are iconic in ways that we can’t always explain, but the fact that they stay with us forever, says a lot. You know, those lift scenarios where we imagine combinations of people that are just plain awkward? We took inspiration from a Twitter thread and thought of doing that for some very iconic characters, because some days, you just want drama.

Of course, we have reasons:

1. Maya Sarabhai and Anupama

Maya Sarabhai always had a lot to say, something that Anupama does now. In a way, Anupama is an alter ego of Monisha, and this would be the perfect redemption arc. The two would either end up in a debate or a discourse – both of which sound a lot of fun.

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2. Geet and Piku

Geet may have been celebrated as a goofy character at first, but she is what people now refer to as ‘self-centered’. If anything, she needs a nice sitting down with someone more mature – and well, not so goofy. A conversation between Piku and Geet is exactly the podcast we need.


3. Monica and Alexis

Monica, a type A personality, is a headstrong woman. Alexis, also a headstrong woman, is not type A at all. Remember that episode where Alexis puts her clothes under the bed? Imagine Monica being there – she might actually get a kick out of cleaning the room, but not so much from sharing the same room.

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4. Anjali and Aisha

Anjali from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is the shopping partner Aisha would dread having around. I also think it’d be a nice movie plot if the two characters would be forced to live each other’s lives. Of course, neither would like it, but we all live for drama.


5. Rahul and Bhashkor

Bhashkor may have been a lot for Piku, at times, but I also believe that he’s the father that most male characters need. Rahul would be the perfect candidate for Bhashkor’s feminist lessons. That’s the ending we deserve – just Rahul Khanna realizing that he needs to back out and calm down.

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6. Kabir Singh and Badrunissa

Another combination for similar reasons could be Kabir Singh and Badrunissa. You know, how some things and people need antidotes? Since Kabir doesn’t take criticism, someone like Badrunissa is exactly who he needs to learn, and be better.

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7. Gina Linetti and Poo

Gina Linetti is Hollywood’s version of Poo, only toned up to a point that she even beats other narcissists at their game. If Poo rates you, Gina would tell you that you’re hopeless. As brutal as it sounds, they two need each other. Also, someone needs to be the reality check in Pooja’s delulu world.

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8. Rocky and Arjun

Rocky is the human equivalent of a crazy ball – the ones that do not stop if bouncing if we dribble them once. Arjun is the human equivalent of the colour beige. Put the two in a room together and just think of every scenario that can take place.


*Smiles wickedly*