FRIENDS TV show and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham are two feel-good packages of entertainment, for us desi kids. The characters, the epic dialogues and the relatable scenarios- everything is GOLD. So, here’s a unique crossover you didn’t know you needed. 

1. The one where Chandler spends Valentine’s Day with Janice.

2. The one where Susan and Carol drop Ben at Monica’s.

3. The one where a guy from the club asks for Rachel’s phone number.

4. The one where Phoebe tries a fur coat for the first time.

5. The one where Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey.

6. The one where Rachel and Monica fog Danny, the Yeti.

7. The one where Rachel and Ben hang out.

8. The one where Rachel introduces Ross to her dad.

9. The one where Pete, the millionaire, gives Monica a huge cheque for a tip.

10. The one where Monica confronts Pete about the cheque.

11. The one where Rachel’s other sister keeps mispronouncing Phoebe’s name.

12. The one where Chandler finds out Ross was Monica’s first kiss.

13. The one where Monica and Chandler are given a fake number by another couple.

14. The one where Ross says no to sexy times.

15. The one where Phoebe meets Mike’s parents.

16. The one where Chandler frenches everyone.

17. The one with Rachel’s rich friends.

18. The one where Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler.

19. The one with Joey’s ‘how you doing?’

20. The one where Joey proposes to Rachel, but she thinks he is joking.

Tell me how it waaaaaas

Design credits – Kumar Sonu.