If there’s one thing that Bollywood loves other than a good romance, then it’s the horror genre. And, over the years, Bollywood has churned out many horror movies. 

Some of these horror films are exceptional, some average, and some just downright bad. So, if you’re wondering which one to watch next? Don’t worry we have ranked them for you. 

25. Ghutan 

So, Ghutan is a movie about a ghost re-entering its own body to take revenge. After you’re done watching it, you just wouldn’t know what anyone was trying to do in the movie and why it was made.

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24. Aks

If you think that veteran actors like Amitabh Bacchan and Manoj Bajpayee can never pick the wrong script then you need to watch Aks. The acting is not convincing AT ALL and the storyline lacked just about everything. The filmmakers tried very hard to induce scary elements but they failed there as well. 

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23. Hawa

A ghost molesting and harassing a human being? I mean, that’s just distasteful. Not to forget, when the protagonist contacts a psychologist for help, he brings along a parapsychologist because mental illness is unbelievable in a Bollywood film. This is the reason why we have kept this at the bottom of the list. 


22. Rakht

Okay, where do I start? Bad CGI, a confusing storyline, and insensitive depiction of domestic abuse. The movie failed at every level and it just makes my ‘rakht’  boil even talking about it. 


21. Sssshhh…

First, there is an alleged killer, then he’s arrested but he gets out. The police somehow kill him and he turns up again. He’s killed again, but actually is still alive and killed one last time. Aap choronology smajh rahe hai? Me neither because this film doesn’t have anything other than shouting ‘killer.’ 


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20. Alone

Cringy CGI, bad acting, even worse story progression. Not to forget, this movie wasted Neena Gupta’s talent. This movie should just be canceled. It’s too lukewarm at best. 

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19. Krishna Cottage

The movie legit propagates the notion that no bond is stronger than that of a marriage. So, if you’re haunted, get married and the ghost will leave you alone. Huh? Logic, where are you?


18. Hum Kaun Hai?

Although Dimple’s performance was noteworthy in the movie but everything else was just out of place. The storyline couldn’t justify Dharmendra’s role. The movie talks about an unknown person who begins haunting the family living in the middle of nowhere.

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17. Kucch To Hai

More like kuch nahi hai because it fails to thrill the audience and is filled with problematic loopholes. I mean, in the movie, they let an alleged murderer work in a college. 


16. Hisss

We have to give it to the makeup artist for Mallika Sherawat’s phenomenal get-up. It’s purely her attire and make-up that made the movie half as scary. The movie could have been done with a better storyline but her character was quite interesting.


15. Shaapit: The Cursed

The movie had a good storyline going on for itself but someone really woke up on the wrong side of the bed because they really messed up the ending. Started with a bang, ended with a whimper. 

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14. Ghost Stories

This anthology is not the greatest of them all but it sure does pique interest and offers a respite from the same old tropes that Bollywood resorts to when it comes to horror flicks. It does get predictable later on, but it starts glamorously. 

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13. Darna Zaroori Hai

This is a better horror anthology than the last one because it actually leaves you scared. Some of the stories are convincing enough but some just fail to hit the target. But brownie points for effort. 

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12. Darna Mana Hai

Next in line is Darna mana hai which has to be on your must-watch list. Even though it has its bizarre moments, the anthology has some fresh hard-hitting stories in store. The movie has hit the sweet spot but not entirely, which is why we had to rank it in the top 10. 


11. Kaal

Kaal was surely a decent watch and kept us entertained until we realize the problematic superstitions that the movie propagated. This is why the movie is at number 9. 

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10. Naina

Naina could have been a great movie but it just wasn’t able to leave a mark. Urmila could have done better with a stronger supporting cast.


9. Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship

The horror sequences were riveting and Vicky did a bang-on job but the plot just didn’t cut it for us. It’s almost like we were scared but we could have been more scared if the scriptwriter had put more thought into the story. And, that’s why we rank it at number 7. 


8. Bhoot 

Bhoot got one thing right. It scared the audience. The ending gave us goosebumps but the setting and the editing of the movie could have been better. 


7. Raaz

This is the first and the best one from the Raaz series. Given the time when the film came out, using whatever special effects that were available, the movie did a great job at scaring us out of our wits. The movie is still hauntingly good. 


6. Bulbbul

The movie is just so beautiful that eerieness creeps out of it. The movie projected the harsh realities that a 19th- century woman was subjected to in the name of tradition. Adding just the right balance of supernatural elements, it’s a fun watch. 

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5. Phoonk

The film faired quite average in terms of story but man, the movie was DAMN SCARY. It has nailed that bit right. 

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4. Ragini MMS

Everything about this movie screamed horror. Some of its scenes just made you jump in fear. You never knew what would come next. Ticking all the right boxes in terms of a horror flick, this movie had to be in the top 3. 

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3. 13B: Fear Has A New Address

There’s no better horror than psychological horror and 13B: Fear Has A New Address is just that. When you watch it, it’s like you’re watching a reality TV show which creepily resembles your life. And just when you think you are done with it, it starts to haunt you all over again. A true masterpiece. 


2. 1920 

The title of the most spine-chilling horror movie goes to 1920. The movie was and still is so scary that it should come with a cautionary warning. The movie has combined some very difficult emotions and turned it into one riveting movie.


1. Tumbbad 

This movie was pure perfection. From storytelling to character formations to plot twists, it kept us on our toes the entire time. It had to be on the top. 


So, which one out of these is your favourite horror movie?