Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers from Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones, episode 3, season 8. 

For fans (like yours truly) of all things great, cinematic, and fictional, April 2019 was not an easy month. Because while normal people were worried about promotions, raises, and HR forms, we were scared for THE END. 

In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 22nd movie in the line, Avengers: Endgame brought the completion of a 21 movies, 10-year-long, story. It was literally, the end of an era. 

And of course, Game of Thrones‘ epic Battle of Winterfell, that had us emotionally harrowed for 82 minutes straight.  

Not to mention the week-long overthinking that had us imagining deaths of all our favourite characters.

Obviously, as luck would have it, both – Avengers: Endgame and Battle of Winterfell – were available on the same fucking weekend. Because life is not fair, whether in the real world of the fictional world(s) we wish to be a part of!

But, we survived. 

We survived the death of characters whose life we dug into more than the creators themselves. 

We survived really dark battle scenes that had us biting our nails, preparing for the worst, but secretly, still hoping for the best. 

We survived watching the rise and fall of two of the most epic fictional villains ever created. 

We survived the tears, the mini heart attacks, the theories (bizarre and real) and our own conflicting loyalties as characters grew and changed. 

We survived it all and came out stronger than before (albeit a little dehydrated, thanks to the million tears we shed) – cheering characters who were the real MVP. 

And now that we’ve seen and borne so much as fans in just four months, is there really anything that can shock us in 2019? Nopes. Nada. Not happening. 

And yes, there’s still a fair share of battles, possible deaths, and witty comments waiting for us in Game of Thrones, but if we survived this, we can survive it all now. 

Even a surprising (read: ridiculous) reveal from Rowling is not going to affect us anymore. We’ve had the kind of intensive training that only a few fans experience, in just four short months. 2019, the ball’s in your court now, bring it on!