Before we had To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its sequel to guide us through a love triangle, we 90’s kids had Kuch Kuch Hota HaiSo we tried to collide both these universes together and it is literally the crossover you didn’t know you need.

1. The one where Peter Kavinsky is a player, casually waiting for some girl to join him in the hot tub. 

2. Their perfect first date with SRK’s famous dialogue.

3. Remember when Peter adorably made fun of Lara Jean for making a wish to forever be this way?

4. When Kitty and Lara Jean go full-on traditional for visiting their grandparents.

5. Remember when Lara Jean was having second thoughts about which letter was closer to her heart? 

6. The one where Lara Jean is neck-deep into her books because Peter made her wait for ages. 

7. Lara Jean re-reading her own letter to Ambrose, having a flashback and realising how she never wanted him to go. 

8. Remember when Kitty snarkily judged Lara Jean for making Peanut butter cupcakes because Peter’s favourite flavour is salted caramel? 

9. Peter carefully trying to tell Lara Jean that it’s up to her if she wants to dress up before a big game. ( Just before he told her that everybody else does) 

10. When Lara Jean finally figured out the truth and they get into their first big fight before Peter has to hop onto the bus for a big game.

11. When Peter said “yes” to wanting back the locket he got Lara Jean for V-Day.

11.Two ex-BFFS- Gen and Lara Jean finally reuniting at the treehouse to have a serious talk about the guy they have in common. 

12. When Ambrose succumbs to old people’s peer pressure and asks Lara Jean for a dance. 

13. John Ambrose realising that Lara Jean is still in love with Peter. 

14. Stormy talking to Lara Jean and advising her “unbreak” her relationship, follow her heart and win Peter back. 

15. When Peter drives all the way, in the snow, only to pour his heart out to Lara Jean and tell her that she can break it into a thousand pieces if she wants. 

Design Credits: Aprajita Mishra