Gossip Girl  fam, if you haven’t already heard, then we’re pleased to tell y’all that a trailer of the reboot of the show has just dropped. And, it looks pretty interesting TBH!


Of course, the reboot follows the same theme as the original series; a tour of the inner-most cliques and circles of an elite bunch of private school kids while they’re being monitored by an anonymous person who knows all their secrets. 


The trailer gives the audience a glimpse of a group of friends that have known each other since childhood and in spite of that seem to have a few secrets hidden from one another. It also seems to show a new person entering the said friend group. But, all in all, the Gossip Girl reboot trailer ends with a juicy (and familiar) background voice; that of gossip girl. 


This time though, gossip girl is also an IG account that posts everyone’s secrets! You can watch the trailer to know more. 


High-key excited!