Since Sushant Singh Rajput's demise in June, we have seen TV news plunging to new lows every single day.

Instead of giving his family and loved ones time to grieve, the channels have shoved cameras into their faces, asked them for quotes and basically turned an unfortunate thing into a TRP-churning event.

rhea Chakraborty with sushant
Source: Huffpost India

More than 2 months later, things are only getting worse. Not even a speck of empathy is being shown towards people involved in the whole matter, and every small detail of their private lives is being made public by the channels each day.

Talking of this intrusiveness, Times Now recently did a show around 'Bhuvneshwar weed', which the anchors claim Sushant's girlfriend had consumed in April. 

rhea news coverage times now
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Declaring that the channel has the access to her conversation with a friend, anchor Navika Kumar goes on to read the texts between the two, which is both shocking and disgusting.

Navika discusses in detail, everything the actor said to her friend in a supposed chat about the drug, while 'watch rolling coverage' runs as the ticker.  

rhea news coverage on times now
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She then goes on to discuss the issue with her co-anchor Rahul Shivshankar, saying that the actor's lawyers had earlier said that she doesn't consume drugs.

Believe it or not, they also throw in some jokes about weed in there.

Navika Kumar on times now with Rahul Shivshankar
Source: Samachar 4 Media

What connection does this even have with the case? Exactly.

Two questions:

Is it even legal to put out screenshots/chats like this on national media while case is sub judice?

What purpose does this even serve besides getting TRPs?