Everything, from the stars to the most basic forms of life, dies. And not to get philosophical about it, but it sucks! 

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And being born in a generation that has incorporated pop culture a part of life, it hurts the same when we see our favourite characters die. 


Call it an educated guess, but this week, a lot of these characters are going to meet their end. 


Think about Tony Stark. He starts off a weapon-making billionaire, who on realising that his weapons cause the death of hundreds of innocents stops manufacturing them and takes a different approach towards life. 


And even though, he remains a self-centered billionaire, he is the same guy who carried a nuke through a wormhole to save New York and almost dies in the process. 

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This is the same guy who then goes to Titan and tries to sacrifice himself to save the world again. 


Although I cannot bear to watch another Stark die in my lifetime, I might have to be ready for the possibility of such an event. 

And that breaks my bloody heart!


But he’s not the only one. Captain America is also very likely to perish, according to multiple fan theories. 


He has lived a long life, most of it, under the ice. But every time he has been up, all he has done is fight for what’s right, no matter what people told him. 

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Because that’s what he is. Not a good soldier, but a good man. 


Let’s be honest. He can’t possibly do it all day every day forever. That man deserves to rest. 


Endgame will literally be the end of an era of superhero films. And as much as I’m looking forward to the film, I’m not prepared for it. 


And if that wasn’t bad enough, episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 8 will feature the ‘Battle of Winterfell’ this Sunday. 

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And given how they went about all calm and happy in the last episode with Brienne getting the knighthood and all, we know someone’s going to die. 


Actually, it’s worse. Quite a few people are likely to die. The Night King has waited 10 years for this. He isn’t screwing around. 


Knowing GoT, this next episode is going to break my heart so many times on levels I can’t even bear to comprehend. 

Will it be Tormund? The hyper-masculine ginger without a shred of the toxicity that generally accompanies the trait has made a place for himself in everybody’s hearts in the last 2 seasons. 


I mean, at this point, we wouldn’t even mind him sitting on the Iron Throne. That’s how much of a darling he’s become. 

Then, there is Ser Brienne of Tarth. 

She has, through the course of this series proved herself to be more worthy of being a knight than any other knight we’ve seen onscreen. 

Dying as a knight would a matter of honour for her, but I’m not sure how the rest of us are going to cope if that happens. 

Or maybe, it will be Arya. It seems unlikely to regular eyes, but as people who have been through the Red Wedding, we know better. 


Or they could just murder Jon or Dany, in typical Game of Thrones fashion and we would all be left with our eyes and mouths wide open, gasping for breath. 


Either way, a lot of characters, my heroes, who I’ve grown up with, in the last 10 years are going to die and drag a part of me with them. And I am not ready for it.