We all know people are obsessed with experimenting with weird and out-of-the-box food combinations. This latest trend has gotten into our heads so badly that I actually tried ‘Maggi shake’ and it sucked. Following this, we bring to you some strange food combinations that surprisingly work.

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1. “French fries and powdered sugar. Learned this accidentally at the beach when the wind flipped my funnel cake over into my bucket of French fries.”


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2. “Mango, hot sauce, lime, & salt. Also cucumber, hot sauce, lime, & salt. I was also always a fan of avocado with salt until I tried it with sugar. Totally changes things!”


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3. “Peanut butter in your instant ramen. Makes it creamy like Thai style saté sauce.”


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4. “Honey and pizza. Especially with chicken, onion, and white sauce as the toppings. Or pineapple, jalapeno.”


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5. “Potato chips dipped in vanilla pudding. I promise you it’s like a true taste of heaven.”


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6. “Scrambled eggs and ketchup. I hate ketchup, but love it on my eggs.


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7. “Spaghetti Tacos, leftover spaghetti wrapped in a soft shell with spinach and mozzarella.”


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8. “Chocolate-coated potato chips are delicious.”


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9. “Pickles and peanut butter. When I was a social worker, I went to do an initial home visit with a child who was just placed in foster care. When I walked into the home, she was sitting at the kitchen table with her foster siblings, eating pickles with peanut butter spread on ‘em. She asked if I was “brave enough” to try it. Turns out I was, and it’s pretty good.”


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10. “Peanut Butter on Celery. Crunchy and creamy at the same time, a fantastic appetizer. Also, Peanut Butter seems to be the undisputed champ of this thread. Versatile!”


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11. “Baked beans and mayonnaise mixed together! Anyone have ever had try it has liked it, try it!”


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12. “My friend always told me to put jelly on a grilled cheese sandwich. He swore by it, but I have yet to try it.”


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13. “I have no idea why but I really like spaghetti with hot cakes, I’ve been eating it for 5 years for breakfast whenever I can.”


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14. “Apples and ketchup, when I was like, 5, my mom made my brother and me chicken nuggets with apples and we dipped the apples in the ketchup for the nuggets, it was actually good.”


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15 “It’s not surprising (for me at least) but Doritos inside a subway sub is literal perfection.”


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