Everyone loves Leonardo DiCaprio. Or do they? JK, he is one of the most prolific actors of our time. But Leo is known to be a very eccentric man. And as such has very eccentric hobbies. 

1. DiCaprio was once part of a gang called Pussy Posse. 

Back in the 90s and the early 2000s, the actor used to hang around clubs with David Blaine, Tobey Maguire, Harmony Korine and Lukas Haas among others. The purpose of this gang is a tad obvious given its notorious name. 

The Daily Beast

2. Leonardo DiCaprio delves pretty deep into the roles he plays on screen. For The Revenant, he once rate a raw liver on set. 

The scene from the movie where he devours a raw bison liver is as real as it gets. 

The bad part is the membrane around it… It’s like a balloon. When you bite into it, it bursts in your mouth.”

-Leonardo DiCaprio

3. He once peed down a waterslide at Disneyland. 

Yeah, they let you do that when you are a multi-millionaire. DiCaprio and Jesse Camp apparently got drunk, swam in the pool with their clothes on, then pissed on the top of the slide before sliding down on it. 


4. This one is a rumour but it’s been on for a while and never refuted. But the actor apparently puts headphones on and vapes during sex

I guess, he really likes what he likes, which if true, makes him a real A-hole, I think. It just seems like a real d*ck move. IDK, I don’t have sufficient knowledge of people’s sexual preferences and kinks to judge but it still seems like a real d*ck move. 


5. The Oscar winner had apparently filed a legal suit to make sure the ‘worst’ film he was in, never hit the theatres. 

Both DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire starred in a movie called Don’s Plum in 2001, which was only released on DVD. When the director put it up for streaming, the actors had it removed by alleging infringement. 


6. For Wolf Of the Wall Street, DiCaprio ate so much raw fish that he threw up. 

There is a scene in the film where Jonah Hill’s character and DiCaprio’s character are having sushi but Hill changes it at the last moment and offers his scene partner some sushi. This meant DiCaprio had to eat raw fish for some 60-odd takes. He ended up eating so much that he was throwing up by the end of the scene. 


7. The actor slept inside a dead animal during the shooting of The Revenant

Leo spent months in the wilderness filming the movie and did a lot of unconventional things during the same time. As we mentioned before, he did eat a raw bison liver. But that was nothing compared to sleeping inside a dead animal. 


8. According to Mark Bego’s book, DiCaprio once drew a Swastika on his head in class as a child, in a Charles Manson imitation.

Maybe, he is really into method acting. Still weird though. 


9. When he was about 6, he killed a pigeon, which apparently traumatised him. 

It was also around the same age when his dad asked him to lose his virginity. So, maybe the pigeon killing was slightly less traumatising. 


10. It’s only been a few weeks since DiCaprio was on Netflix with his film Don’t Look Up, warning us about global warming. Just days ago, he was seen holidaying in a luxurious superyacht in St Barts with his girlfriend Camila Morrone. 

For the uninitiated, a superyacht spits out about 7,020 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, not something you can fix by going vegan, like DiCaprio suggests. 

This is all very richie rich Hollywood stuff, isn’t it? Can you imagine any woman ever agreeing to sleep with you, if you were ever part of a group called Pussy Posse!