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Were You Monica Or Rachel? Take This Quiz To Find Out Who You Were In Your College Days

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No matter how much you hate college, you will miss it when you leave, innit?

Open your jaws wide if you think college days are some of the best of our lives. Stepping out of your comfort zone, 13 years of school, and holding in a lot of anticipation - sure give butterflies in your tummy. Leaving behind your school mates and finding friends among strangers seem like a nerve-wracking task on the first day of college. But in the end, it all seems too hard to part with. Don’t tell me you didn’t sob for hours, clung onto all your friends from college on the farewell night and made promises of a book full of reunion plans! Yea, I know you can feel Bryan Adams when he sang - Those were the best days of my life, in the summer of ‘69...! I am not crying you are. Grab that tissue, wipe your tears and take this quiz to go on a nostalgic ride.  

You slyly eavesdropped a snarky rumour about your friend, you...

Your lecture is at 7 am and your alarm goes off at 7 am you...

You bunked your History elective class, what do you do?

 What would your favourite opener at college parties be?

 Who will you befriend first in college?

You have an internal exam the next day and you aren’t prepared, what do you do?

 You are asked to organise a college fest, what do you do?

You are massively short of attendance before your exams, you…

Nostalgic much? If college memories and reunion plans make you excited, and you are an avid reader, then you must check out Friends From College, by Devapriya Roy. It's the perfect throwback to the unforgettable college days! 


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