Warning: Vague spoilers ahead.

There were a lot of memorable moments in Sacred Games season 2, but one of the most interesting things about it was the consistent usage of certain themes repeatedly. Like the story of the fish or Guruji’s father’s theory about everyone being connected, there are some things that have a continued relevance on the show.


One phrase you hear over and over is ‘Aham Brahmasmi‘ – Guruji and all his followers use it to greet each other. But what does it mean?

These 2 words are essentially the foundation of Hindu philosophy. Aham means ‘I’, that which cannot be deserted or abandoned due to being constant, unavoidable, and ever present. Brahma means ever-full or whole and Asmi means ‘am’. This is one of the main Mahavakyas, or short statements known as the ‘Great Utterances’ found in the Upanishads.

It basically translates to ‘I am Brahma’ or ‘I am divine’. It is a term used to describe the unity of the Atman (individual self or soul) with Brahman (the Absolute).


Brahman is the supreme and eternally constant reality, while the universe that we perceive through our eyes is a temporary reality that is constantly ‘changing’.

In other words, Brahman is the spiritual core of the universe, and the words Aham Brahmasmi are used to signify that we are one with Brahman (reality). Consequently, people cannot hate or destroy each other if they are part of the same Brahman, as attacking someone else would be the same as attacking yourself.


The phrase seems to have caught on pretty quickly!

Yeah, pretty intense stuff. I guess that’s why they needed the gochi!

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