Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead had a hidden surprise for Bollywood fans in the form of Huma Qureshi. The actor who was last seen on Netflix in Leila, made a comeback as Geeta in this film where she played a mother of two in a refugee camp. 

Her character was the definition of a damsel in distress. She left behind her daughters to go into a zombie-infected Las Vegas and steal some cash, so she could get them out of the camps. 


When she doesn’t return, a volunteer friend of hers – Kate Ward, played by Ella Purnell joins forces with her father (aka Bautista) and his band of thieves, who are going inside ‘zombieland’. What follows is a game of cat and mouse with the zombies and Kate going rouge to find Geeta who has been kidnapped by the zombies. 

Now, Geeta does have an important role in the film, and Huma does a great job at it too. As we’ve seen before, she is an impressive actor and nobody second guessed that. However, after Geeta is saved and the human survivors catch a helicopter to make it out of the infected zone, we’re left with a very dissatisfying ending. 

The plane crashes because the Alpha zombie, Zeus gets on it and begins to fight Bautista. But when the plan crashes, we get no concrete answers about who survived and who didn’t – not even a glimpse of the bodies. 

Huma’s Hollywood debut, and yet her role was mercilessly cut off this way. But why did it happen? 

One of the major reasons behind her rather unsatisfying death scene is said to be due to the fact that she was sitting up front in the helicopter, next to Tig Notaro’s character. Now, Tig wasn’t originally a part of the film. Her pilot-role belonged to the comedian, Chris D’Elia, who was removed from the cast due to sexual harassment allegations. And so all her scenes were re-shot, which cost quite a lot of money – and added post production. 

That is being speculated to be the reason why we don’t see Huma anywhere towards the end, due to her close proximity to Tig in the scenes. However, we do get a clue regarding what actually happened to her. As Bautista’s character takes his last breath, he hands his daughter a load of cash and says, “I know it’s not millions, but this should get Geeta’s kids out of the camp for good.” Implying that Geeta did not make it and her character ends with this film. 

So did Geeta survive the helicopter crash? Probably not. And even though we didn’t get concrete evidence, this is our closest theory. 

All images are screenshots from the movie on Netflix.