Social media is more or less free space, with restrictions, if any, often imposed in a haphazard manner. Sometimes legitimate, sometimes absolutely not.

There is no set rule for what will be removed or what a person will be punished for. Hence, we see people making absurd comments on sensitive topics like suicide, slut-shaming women, labeling protesters as ‘terrorists’, and coming up with bizarre remarks on the daily.

That’s social media for bullies in general, and Kangana Ranaut in specific. 

She has tweeted about all of the things I have mentioned above, but here we look at her comment from yesterday, where she goes on to compare herself to Meryl Streep. 

Kangana made the comparison based on acting abilities but we will discuss that sometime later. Today, we will discuss something else. What Meryl Streep is and what she has stood for. And if there is one video you need to watch, to understand that, let it be her speech from the Golden Globes awards ceremony, 2017.

That was the time when Hollywood and America were debating over the word ‘outsider’, or the ones who ‘don’t belong’. Making a sharp comment on that, she said:

Then, she touched upon the incident where Donald Trump ridiculed a disabled journalist, stressing how such acts of crudeness permeate through all layers of society and make them a norm.

Further, and most importantly given the context of this article, she mentioned that it is a ‘privilege’ to be an actor and called for her colleagues to be empathetic, for that is the essence of their job. 

She ended the speech with this iconic quote by another legendary actor Carrie Fisher, who had passed away a few months before the said ceremony took place.

Kangana’s unhinged self-praise made news all-day yesterday. Some people joked about the absurdity of the claim; some sighed in relief because it is one of the least dangerous things said by the actor.

However, in a possible attempt to trend on Twitter, Kangana ended up turning the narrative. For those who want to be exposed to new narratives, that is.

This happened because of Meryl Streep’s aforementioned speech, which is now being shared online. 

Yes, people had their criticisms for Streep back when the speech was made, and I wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself and dismiss all of them.

But just the fact that an A-list actor stood on the stage and courageously spoke the truth, deserves a lot of credit.

So Kangana, there isn’t much anyone can do about the fact that you think you’re as talented as Meryl Streep. However, in saying so, you have reminded us of the one thing you’re not – an empath.