Well, the Internet is a breeding ground for all things funny, bizarre, and mysterious. This time, there’s a happy twist, as a mystery box is quizzing netizens to dig deep and find out what’s going to happen on the 15th of July. 

How much do you love a good Internet mystery?

For the uninitiated, celebrities like Soha Ali Khan, Mini Mathur and Twinkle Khanna have received a goodie box full of cool merch of a mysterious Blue Elephant. A message note in the box says “Happiness unwraps on the 15th of July”.  

From finding Easter eggs in movies to identifying secret messages, the thirst to solve Internet mysteries is omnipresent. Amirite, netizens?

Is the earth getting invaded by a Blue Elephant? What does Blue Elephant signify anyway? And, who is opening a ‘box of happiness’? Go get your magnifying glasses because this mystery requires all of us to don our Sherlock hats. 

Before you guys go on cooking your own creepy conspiracy theories on Reddit, have a look at all these celebs unwrapping this mystery box full of Blue Elephant goodies. Maybe there is a hidden clue somewhere?

Well, this new unsolved mystery has piqued my curiosity. Can you guess the identity of the Blue Elephant? Tell me in the comments below.