One thing that everyone knows about actor John Abraham, is just how much he loves animals. He is someone who has always spoken up for animal rights. 


The celebrity has always been a strong advocate for animal rights, whether that has been by taking the opportunity to speak about animal cruelty publicly on national television or by simply doing the work to push for social and political reform for all animals to be treated right. So, here’s a list of times he’s won hearts by fighting for the ones who don’t have a voice themselves. 

1. When on a recent episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, season 13, he broke down in tears talking about how concerning it is for him to watch animals be subjected to any sort of harm.

He used his presence on the show to be vulnerable and open up about his love for animals and why animal welfare is so important.

2. When he collaborated with Mercy For Animals India for their Be Nice campaign. 

Just one of the many ways he is taking action and using his Instagram presence to encourage being considerate to animals. 

3. When he auctioned his North-East United FC jersey for Animal Rahat NGO.


4. When the actor asked the central government to ban forcing animals into circuses. 

Unlike human performers, animals are forced to entertain through the use of fear, pain or hunger. Whips, clubs, hooks and other weapons are often used to inflict pain on elephants and other animals in order to force them to perform confusing tricks. I hope you will look into your heart and make the compassionate choice by issuing an immediate ban on the use of all animals in circuses.


The celeb has continued to team with PETA for several different causes

5.  When he asked Quikr to stop advertising animals on their website. 

Certain websites were posting animals under the guise of adoption but it was actually an alleged illegal trade of animals taking place. 

By allowing dogs, cats and other animals to be traded via your platform, Quikr runs the risk of animals being cruelly housed and transported, as well as being obtained by abusive people or impulse sellers who are simply not willing to provide them for life. 


6. The celeb also used his influence to stop illegal slaughter of pigs in Goa. 

Abraham wrote a letter to Pratapsingh Rane, former chief minister of Goa to urge him to put an end to the unlawful act. 

Peta India

7. When he adopted a community dog, Bailey. 

Teaching everyone a lesson on how to use your presence and life to fight for the rights of others.