So, Thor Ragnarok is out. And as expected, is doing exceptionally well at the box-office. Cool. Another year. Another Marvel movie.

Soon, Justice League will release as well. And, almost certainly, will do great at the box-office.


Good for them.


When will we start making superhero movies of our own?

You know, as an avid comic book fan…Sorry, let me re-phrase that. As an avid Hindi comic book fan, I personally believe that it’s high time we release a superhero movie of our own. 

Which is exactly why I was elated when Anurag Kashyap announced that he’s planning to make a movie on Doga (who also happens to be my favourite Indian superhero) with Kunal Kapoor playing the lead.

Unfortunately, that was more than 9 years ago.

And here I am, still waiting.


Which makes me question, what’s holding us back?

We have superheroes that have defined generations. Superheroes like Nagraj and Doga that have stood the test of time.

We have fans like me who are super eager to see their favourite superheroes on screen.

We have directors like Anurag Kashyap who are willing to back superhero projects.


The one thing we don’t have is time.

‘Cause we’re too busy making masterpieces like A Flying Jatt and Ra.One.

For those of you who didn’t get it, that was sarcasm.


“But we don’t have the technical efficiency!” I hear you say.

Well, to prove you wrong, allow me to show you these screenshots.


Well, these screenshots are from a concept trailer for Nagraj released by the publication Raj Comics.

My point is that if a publication can come up with such awesome VFX, why can’t major studios put their weight behind projects like these and actually give India its own desi superhero movie?


Seriously, just check this video out and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Forget publication houses. Even fans,with their limited technological access, come up with awesome tributes to their favourite superheroes.

Like this one.

What’s more, we even have kickass origin stories for each and every one of them.

For example, Parmanu is an inspector with the Delhi police who has been given superpowers by his maternal uncle.

Comic Vine

Doga, as a kid, had been abducted by a notorious robber which fueled his passion to eradicate crime from the roots.

Comic Vine

Nagraj was born with the divine venom of the Gods in the ancient city of Takshaknagar.

News 18

Imagine Doga firing up our screens. Imagine Nagraj releasing those snakes at his arch enemies. Imagine Super Commando Dhruva’s origin being played on the silver screen.

Okay fine, don’t outrightly bring them to the big screen. But at least give them a web series of their own.

Seriously, even the web series will be way better than watching Krrish or G.One making a fool of themselves in the cinema hall.

Hari Maheta

Good people at Raj Comics, if you’re reading this, then please bring this plan into motion. All the hardcore fans are waiting.