It goes without saying, this article has spoilers for the Game Of Thrones season finale. You have been warned.


So that’s it then. Daenerys is dead, Sansa is Queen in the North, Arya is an explorer, Bran sits on, well there’s no Iron Throne, but he is king.

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Our watch has ended. But Jon’s has just begun. Or has it?

The ending for Jon Snow seemed straightforward enough. 

Jon couldn’t be allowed to go free, because the Unsullied wouldn’t have it. And he couldn’t have been imprisoned, because the North wouldn’t stand for that either. So the best compromise would be to send him back to where he started, the Night’s Watch.


And until the end, that’s what it seemed like. Jon went back to Castle Black and Ghost finally got the petting he deserved.


And he also seemed to be wearing the Lord Commander’s cloak, which also confirmed what the leaks were saying would become of him. But that’s where the clarity ends.

In the final shot, we see Jon heading beyond the wall, on horseback, with Tormund alongside him, followed by the rest of the Free Folk.


And as they head out into the North (no, the real North), Jon looks back as the gate shuts behind them. And he smiles.


Is Jon going to live his days out as one of the Free Folk? Maybe even as King beyond the wall?

History Behind GoT

Kind of makes you recall what Tormund said to him all that time ago.


Plus, there aren’t any more pesky undead to watch out for.


Sure, this probably isn’t the ending we all wanted for Jon. But it seems like the ending he would’ve wanted.

Throughout the show, Jon has been thrust into situations and titles that he neither wanted nor cared for. All he wanted was to protect his people, and live his life. But he never got it. They didn’t even let him die in peace. Until now.


None of the politics of the realms of men. And free to do whatever he likes, north of the wall of course.

So, if it’s all the same to you, we’re going to go with this ending. Farewell, Jon Snow, King beyond the Wall.