Bollywood is a rough place to make your mark. And also much coveted. You would think that being a promoter of talent, it would treat everyone with talent equally. But no.

There is a dismal difference between what the actors here get paid and what the actresses do.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut became the highest paid actress in Bollywood when she signed a movie for 11 crores. But how much does the highest paid actor get?

This much:

Now we all love Salman Khan too! And his experience, his body of work, his brand name and his fandom notwithstanding, what justifies a difference of 49 crores? The difference is almost as good as a scam! (One could also argue that nothing justifies their inflated salaries at all and one would not be wrong. But that is for another discussion.)

Aamir Khan comes a close second. And he earns more than three times of what Kangana earns.

Fine. So maybe the third-highest earning actor gets as much as Kangana? Nope.

King Khan is at #4, but he’s still King Khan. So again, nope.

So, basically the highest paid Bollywood actress does not even come close to the highest paid actors.

If she gets paid that much less, then what about the second-highest earning actresses?

Who gets paid as much as the highest paid actress then? Well, here’s who.


So, who remembers the last movies of Arjun Rampal and John Abraham, which were released forever ago? Even they get paid more than the highest paid actress.

The scene is not much different in Hollywood either.

That’s a shame, now, isn’t it?

C’mon, Bollywood! This is unfair. Do something about it or do something about it.