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Take This Quiz To Find Out Which GoT Character Would Be Your Ideal Date

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The world of ice and fire is all ready to come to an end. And though dating and weddings have not had the best of luck in the GoT universe, that hasn't stopped us from cooking up scenarios where we imagined ourselves with our favourite characters. 

So, if you too have spent hours dreaming of the perfect fictional partner, take this quiz and find out who among the GoT universe could be your ideal date:

1. Pick what your ideal first date absolutely has to include:

via National Post

Fine wine

via sunacfancyfood

Good food

via kaname-inn

Great music

via Video Blocks

A partner

2. Pick your favourite snack to eat when you’re upset:

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via generalmills


via NBC

Chips and only chips

via inlifehealthcare

I detox with Jasmine Tea

3. Pick your favourite show to binge-watch, other than GoT of course:

via API


via boygeniusreport

Breaking Bad

via keywordbasket


via Fox

The Simpsons

4. Pick your choice of weapon for personal defense:

via sabersmith


via Amazon


via Shopify

Pepper Spray

via Walmart

Bow and arrow

5. Pick your ideal travel destination

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via WP

Cape Town

via Lonely Planet


via Grayline

Niagara Falls

6. Pick your cocktail of choice:

via iblisswholesale

Sex on the beach

via punchdrink

Whiskey sour

via liquor

Bloody Mary

via Liquor


7. Pick the GoT spin-off love story you’d want to see:

via TIME

Arya and Gendry 

via fsmedia

Tormund and Brienne 

via wetpaint

Loras and Renly

via latestly

Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen

8. Pick the house motto that best describes your love life 

via Hative

Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken

via hative

Fire and Blood

via Hative

We Do Not Sow 

via Hative

Hear Me Roar

9. Pick a writer to write your love story:

via TIME

George R. R. Martin

via huberfinancial

J. K. Rowling 

via British Council

Neil Gaiman

via collection images

J. R. R. Tolkien

10. What do you miss most about your ex? 

via Mens Journal

Their fitness regime

via topsimages

Their pets

via Twitter

Their knowledge of music 

via lifewire

Their movie choices

Ready for that first date?


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