Take This Quiz To Find Out Which 'Hera Pheri' Character You Are. Abhi Maza Aayega Na Bhidu!

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The OG three musketeers- Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte, Raju and Shyam have a separate fan base, don’t they? From iconic characters and meme-worthy dialogues to a rib-tickling sequel, this classic movie has left us with numerous memories.

This cult movie, that made us laugh until our jaws and stomach hurt, turned 21 this year. So, here’s a quiz that you should definitely take to find out which character suits you the best.

1. You are going to win a lottery, what’s your first reaction?

2. If you have a ₹2000 note, what would you do?

3. What would be your ideal education level?

4. What would be your reaction if someone you know passes by you?

5. How would you react when you are under stress?

6. What would you do if you see someone wearing the same glasses as you?

7. What’s your OG move during a fight?

8. What would you never change about your life, even if you become an ‘ameer aadmi’?

9. What’s your favourite thing to spend money on?

10. What would be your first question to a person whom you are meeting for the first time?

11. What would you do if you get a call from the wrong number? 

12. Finally, what would you do if you were a landlord?




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