Take This Quiz To Find Out Which 'OK Tested' Anchor Are You

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Do you break out in puns when someone asks you for advice? Has your partner ever accused you of loving Govardhan ghee more than her? And more importantly, are you ready for a lunch made of just 'omcakes'?

If your answer to all the questions above is yes, then forget Cable TV (ab toh sabke ghar mein hai) and take this quiz to see which Ok Tested anchor are you most like:  

1. Which is your favourite show from the following?

2. No dish is complete without___. Pick an option from below to fill the blank: 

3. You see someone cute at the bar. Select a pick-up line that you'll use: 

4. Which one of the following dishes would you never be willing to try? Remember, the ones you don't select may just be served to you - it's OK Tested after all. 

5. You're stuck on an island and can watch one film for the rest of your life. Which of the following films would you pick?

6. Which of the following games from your childhood was your favourite?

7. Pick a cocktail that speaks to you: 

8. Which of the following superpowers would you want?

9. Sometimes, it's good to be bad. So pick your favourite villain from the following: 

10. Which of the following controversial opinions would you not agree with, even at gunpoint?

And now you know! 


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