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Take This Quiz And We'll Tell You Which Reality TV Show Best Describes Your Life

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Let's admit it, reality TV has been our guilty pleasure for far longer than we care to admit. But ever wondered which reality TV drama would suit your life perfectly? Take this quiz and find out: 

1. How do you deal with a breakup?

via womensweb

Binge on ice-cream. 

via CBS

Download every dating app ever created. 

via internetinmyanmar

Watch murder mysteries and plot revenge. 

via YouTube

Bitch about the ex with friends.

2. From the following, pick a show you’re most likely to participate in:

via PopXo
via Voot

3. Which of the following excuse would you use to take an unplanned leave from work?

via osoyoostimes

You’re not feeling well. 

via LIBN

You always plan your leaves well in advance.

via myjewishlearning

You have to visit an ailing relative.

via verywellmind

You’re too lazy to come up with an excuse. 

4. Pick a remixed song you don’t mind listening to:

via psmag

All remixes are torture. 

via YouTube

Humma Humma 

via Bollywood Hungama

Poster Lagwa Do

via indulgexpress

Aankh Marey

5. Pick an ice-cream flavor from the following:

via Friendlys


via Friendlys


via Friendlys


via Friendlys


6. Pick an alcohol-based dish from the following:

via southernliving

Rum cake

via drivito

Vodka Gummy Bears

via dailymail

Liqueur chocolates

via kegworks

Jello Shots

7. How long have you muted your family WhatsApp group for?

via NDTV

8 Hours

via blogspot

1 Week

via quora

1 Year

via The Hindu

Exited the group the day it was made.

8. If judgemental phuphaji sends you a friend request on FB, how will you react?

via trak

Pretend you never got it. 

via treeoflifelondon

Accept it. Then block. 

via YouTube

Reject it. Mah lyf, Mah rulz.

via Irishtimes

Delete my account. 

Hate it or love, you just can't ignore reality TV! 


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